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Madaba Car Rental
Madaba car rental - car hire

A city with fine architecture and landmarks, Madaba is one of the major cities in Jordan. Capital of Madaba Governorate, this Jordanian city is situated only 30 kilometers from the capital Amman. The long history of Madaba dates back to Neolithic period. Car hire service in Madaba offered by us also give you access to the capital of Jordan and its local sites. 

The Umayyad and Byzantine mosaics are key attraction of Madaba city, which is why it is often known as "City of Mosaics". This city is also famous for presence of 6th century mosaic map of Holy Land. The thermal springs of Zarqa Ma’in or Hammamat Ma'in are world famous for its thermal treatments. These thermal springs are responsible for the large number of travelers visiting Madaba for its therapeutic waters. Bani Hamida is a project started by women in Jordan. It consists of traditional woven items sold in and out of Jordan. Travelers can also visit local village of Mukawir and experience the webbing rooms and the work of these women.

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