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Museums in Jordan

  Measured by the progress and development of nations and peoples to the extent they relate to the preservation of their heritage and traditions and authenticity of various arts, and through the establishment of specialized museums and equipped with all the means and ways of modern presentation and galleries. There is no doubt that such a thing will help preserve this precious treasures from loss and survival of the best witness for future generations.

Jordan Folklore Museum: Located near the Roman amphitheater, displays of traditional life in Jordan, from fashion and furniture and the contents of the house, musical instruments and artifacts from the nineteenth century .afath from 9-5 pm in the evening. Tel: 4651742

Jordan Folklore Museum: Located near the Roman amphitheater, heritage displays clothing, and household utensils. And contains a collection of paintings Almoisik of some Byzantine churches. Open from 9-5 pm in the evening. Tel: 4651760

Ornaments Folk Museum and Fashion: Located in the Roman amphitheater in Amman, Jordan aims to collect and Palestinian folklore from different regions of Jordan, with the aim keepers and maintenance of extinction and presented to future generations.

Museum of the Martyr's Monument: This monument built in memory of the martyrs who sacrificed their blood in defense of the homeland and its people, and the exhibits are talking about the history of the Jordanian Armed Forces since the Great Arab Revolt and present even today, such as: weapons and gear, and dress, and is located in Amman. Open from 9-4 pm in the evening. Tel: 5664240

Popular Life Museum at the University of Jordan: The contents of this museum in application of some theoretical knowledge taught in the Department of Sociology for social life in the Jordanian society, and the museum includes many elements of folklore, which are the tools that made the Jordanian human and Achtgaha of the surrounding natural environment and animals to meet the requirements and multiple needs. Tel: 5355000

The Royal Automobile Museum depicts the history of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, from the early 1920s until the present day.
The featured cars highlight the life of His Majesty the late King Hussein and his reign, as well as the many aspects of his leadership.
The museum affords the visitor an insight into the history of the Kingdom through the exhibited cars from the era of King Abdullah I, the founder of the Kingdom, to the current era of His Majesty King Abdullah II. These exhibits recap the development of the Kingdom in pace with the automotive advancement in the country and its transformation since the Great Arab Revolt during World War I.

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