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Terms of Use
This rental Agreement shall be subject to all the following provisions and conditions, and by signing overleaf, the Renter acknowledges that he is bound by all of them.
1) THIS CONTRACT is personal. The renter has no right to hand over the car to be driven by someone other than himself  then the renter shall solely carry the criminal and civil charges and will pay deductible of 1000 JD unless plainly agreed otherwise.
2) FUEL is not covered in the declared daily charges and on renter expenses.
3) RENTER ACKNOWLEDGES that he has received the rented car from the Hirer after checking up the car and received in a good condition without any defects. Renter shall return the car with all documents and accessories and in the same condition to the Hirer at the location and on the date and on the time designated in this Rental Agreement. Failure to do so (where required) to complete time of return on attached wallet will result in adjustment to the rental charges and the rate applied. Hirer reserves the right and rental hereby accepts this to enter upon and repossess the vehicle at any time without demand, at Renter expense if the vehicle is used in breach of this Agreement. It is agreed and understood that any extension of the duration here must have received the Hirer's prior approval.
4) TERMS OF PAYMENT: Renter hereby is granted to pay upon request the following:
a) Payment can be made by any Credit Cards accepted in Jordan.
b) Cash rentals will be accepted by prior arrangement with ultimate solutions and will require a substantial amount to be paid in advance, details of which will be agreed prior to the rental.
The renter shall indemnify and hold harmless the Hirer, its employees and agents from and against any loss liability and expense arising directly or indirectly from:
a) The renter will be liable for all loss or damage to the vehicle including towing and storage.
b) Death or injury to any person, arising out of the operation of usage of vehicle.
c) Loss or damage to any property   arising out of the operation of usage of vehicle.
d) any breach of terms of this agreement by the renter will be liable for paying the deductible mentioned on the face of this agreement and/or Loss Damage Waiver mentioned on the face of this agreement.
e) Agreement will be cancelled and the renter himself will be holding full responsibility for any civic and penal responsibilities.

a) Hirer costs, including legal fees, incurred in collecting payments due from renter under this Agreement.
b) Any fines, penalties, court costs or other expenses, imposed on Hirer by law, arising from the use of vehicle which on Renter, but this shall not relieve Renter of any other person of direct responsibility to any governmental authority for his own unlawful conduct.
c) The Hirer's estimate of repair costs including towing and storage if the vehicle is damaged during the currency of this agreement taking into consideration the maximum cost of repairs.
d) Any loss happens to vehicle license during the contract validity. Renter shall inform the nearest police station and the Hirer, contract will stay valid on the same basis till receiving 
 And/or issuing a new license.
e) The Renter agrees to accept the debit to his credit card account of the charges incurred under this rental Agreement, if Hirer had accepted payment on that basis.
a) The Hirer provides insurance subject to the terms and conditions of Automobile Liability insurance Policy which meets all statutory requirements and in addition to third party property damage claims.
b) Breach  of any of the terms of this Agreement may render the Renter's protection under the Hirer's Auto liability insurance policy VOID and make the rental PERSONALY LIABLE for loss or damage to vehicle and any claims by third parties.
a) In case of any accident and/or any theft the renter shall form the nearest police station immediately and Hirer within (24) hours. Renter shall obtain police report in default or which any C.D.W will be void.
b) The renter has no right to repair any damages to the vehicle without obtaining a written approval from the Hirer.
c) The Renter shall be responsible for covering all fines due to accidents whom so ever responsibility it might be may be, provided that there would be no violation, what so ever of the Hirer's right set forth in the provisions of this contract.
d) If a police report was not provided, then the renter shall solely carry the criminal and civil charges and indemnities incurred by the accident for the company or any other party including rental charges for the maintenance period.

The Hirer shall be responsible, under this agreement, to provide the rented car, based upon that the Renter or any other person using the car( upon the Hirer's consent declared in this agreement) shall possess a certified and valid driver license issued two years before at the least, and the Renter thus shall be responsible for taking care of the car and its accessories, and be committed not to use the car in the following cases:
a) taking charges on persons or luggage trafficking.
b) Pulling any other car or vehicle.
c) Racing or entering any speed or start up contests.
d) Driving under Alcoholic Influence or under any other prohibited stuff that may influence brain and the concentration of a driver.
e) Violation of traffic or customs laws and regulations or any other laws enforced by government whatever such violation may be.
f) Driving the car outside the territories of Jordan without any permission from the company.
g) Any break of the terms set forth under Article Nine of this agreement by the renter will be liable for paying a deductible amount of 800 JD in case of accident in addition to that he will be fully hold responsible for any civic and penal responsibilities.
Its commonly approved and accepted that the Hirer shall not be obliged to offer any kind of guarantees on his rented car except in cases indicated under the provision of this contract. The Hirer shall not be particularly responsible   in any way, neither for the damages or losses incurred upon the Renter or any other persons, resulting from usage of the car, nor for the loss of any properties of the Renter or for others found or existing in the car, or due to delaying car delivery to the Hirer or for any other damages or losses for whatever reason beyond the Hirer's responsibilities. The Hirer shall not be responsible for any trouble, damage, or delay to the Renter caused by a car defect , whatever such thing maybe, and Hirer shall not be obliged to pay any indemnities for the above. The Hirer shall as well be entitled to use or declare any information stipulated in this contract for publicity and promotion reasons for the interest of the Hirer or any sister or branch of cooperating companies.
11) IN THE CASES OF RENTER violating this contract provisions, or any part of the same contract will be automatically cancelled without any prior notice or any other actions, and in the above mentioned situation, the company is entitled to return the car in any possible manner, in case of renter rejection to the above, he shall be obliged to verify his position on condition that the car shall immediately be handed over to the company without any violation of the company's right for indemnification for damages due to the above. This contract is only subject to the laws and regulations applicable in Jordan. The Jordanian competent courts shall be the juridical and legal parties to solve and settle conflict may arise under this contract.       

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